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Apr 29, 2017

It's all a part of the plan, folks. This episode has everything you've ever wanted for an audio diary of two preachers' friendship and some things you never knew you needed. Justin talks about how much he loves his squatty potty while Martin shares a war story from the middle east. They discuss their mutual love for Tim Keller and wish they had the buttery smoothness of his rhetoric. Justin claims to be funny in the pulpit and tells everyone why playing nice with the cable company is probably a good idea. Martin claims to be an angry preacher and complains about Bill Nye and his recent lunacy. The two talk about food, the best way to prepare shrimp, and why getting fatter makes body weight exercises better. They wrap up the episode wondering why Tim Challies thinks it's important for people to pay for their porn (trust us, it will all make sense in context). Oh, and somewhere in this heap of nonsense there's a Liar Liar reference so don't bust the fellers up about the cover art. Enjoy the show.

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Apr 21, 2017

What happens when murders use Facebook Live? How will the mother of all bombs (MOAB) affect the war on terror? Will Harry Potter Land be a better vacation than Star Wars Disney? We have no idea, but we talk about it all the same in the latest and greatest episode of the Two Bearded Preachers Super Show! In this episode, Justin will explain how he deals with rude behavior at the Starbuck's bathroom. Martin doesn't know if Facebook Live is a feature he deserves. They both get motion sickness as they try to avoid creating new Dad Fail episodes. Pay attention, Muggles, the Bearded Brothers are back and better than ever!

Would you like to join the conversation? Call the Two Bearded Preachers at 951-472-3273 and you may just be chosen to be on an episode. Get on our Facebook page, but don't murder anyone. Follow us on Twitter if you can handle 144 characters of the greatest podcast gold on the internet.

Apr 6, 2017

That's right, folks! It's the Two Bearded Preachers with an all new episode of podcast gold for your listening enjoyment. In this episode, you'll hear the differences between the Royal Rumble and Wrestle Mania clearly articulated. You'll also find out the single quality that makes a hippy an absolute delight to be around. Listen to how Chris Jericho gets one over on Justin. Discover some new material for that blog you've been thinking of starting as Justin and Martin explore how reading and writing have shifted since Al Gore invented the internet. Their mutual love of iPhones and all things iOS is discussed while dissing android. Justin describes an unsettling condition he's contracted from prolonged exposure to his step father. All this and so much more are here for your listening enjoyment!


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