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Mar 28, 2016

In this episode Justin and Martin watch a documentary called Four Blood Moons. Neither are very impressed by the historic revisionism by the film’s creators. Author and preacher, John Hagee, bears the brunt of most of their criticism comparing the film to a longer, more boring version of Ancient Aliens. Justin gets irritated about the hype up section of the show, saying he isn’t doing it anymore while Martin shows concern about the amount of time being dedicated to the show. They talk about their podcast listening habits and cut the episode short saving the listener from a discussion on atonement theories.

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Mar 26, 2016

In this episode of Dad Fail the Two Bearded Preachers reach new levels of failure as they mock their children's injuries and illnesses. Justin uses his child's pain as a means of getting his point across and Martin is completely oblivious to the needs of his precious little girl. If you don't feel like a good parent after listening to this one you probably aren't paying attention. Be sure to share with all your fellow parents so they can feel better about themselves too.

Mar 21, 2016

The Two Bearded Preachers celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the best way possible: drinking shamrock shakes and talking movies. Justin shares about his Irish heritage, articulating the finer points of his ancestor’s fighting style. Martin revels in the glories of manipulating college freshmen when sharing the story of one of the greatest pranks in Florida Christian College history. Both of these fellers talk about how much they love Kung Fury and explain why it is a cinematic masterpiece. They explain what an arcade is to a generation that only games on five-inch phone screens and pose the question of which Thor is better. This is an action packed episode to be sure.

Always remember, when you have a beard your hairstyle is business on the top and party on the bottom. Stay bearded.

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Mar 18, 2016

Are you having trouble raising your kids? Do you doubt your abilities as a parent? You're not alone. Every week the Two Bearded Preachers try to share some wisdom gained through their experience as fathers. The best lessons are often learned from failure rather than success, as is demonstrated in this latest episode of Dad Fail Friday! Hear how Justin tries his hardest to give his sons a great afternoon, but drops the ball on a parenting basic. Martin tells of how he missed the chance to help his son deal with anger like an adult. If you don't learn anything, at the very least you will feel better about your own parenting skills after listening to these two blunders.

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Mar 15, 2016

It's a full body beard right here in episode 24. Justin and Martin talk about street performers, the greatest horror movie ever made about a tire, and their sermon planning processes. The question you will be left with is "Is there an underlying theme in this episode, or is it simply a stream of consciousness exercise?" The answer can only be found after having listened to the entire conversation. You've been warned.


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Warning: Do not search mogurt. This isn't a joke.

Mar 12, 2016

How can two men of God so consistently fail their children? In this short conversation Justin and Martin tell stories of spelling words and stubbed fingers where all the children in question end up in tears. You don't want to miss these tales of failure so be sure to listen and share with your friends.

Mar 8, 2016

Episode 23 is almost all pre show. Before Justin and Martin solve all the world's problems in their talking they first discuss what they are going to talk about. This is that discussion. In this episode you will hear how they both love Disney cartoons, talk to each other way too much on the phone, and listen to an excessive number of podcasts. Did we say excessive? We mean a perfectly reasonable number of podcasts. You should definitely listen to more beginning with this one.

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Mar 4, 2016

Martin W. Bender

Tell it Slant is a discussion of the language used by Jesus to talk to the people around him and to his Father in heaven. He used everyday language, common language, the language of bedtime stories and business meetings, the language of the classroom and the playground. Jesus spoke like a regular guy, because in some ways, many ways, that’s exactly who he was. It would be a mistake, though, to think of Jesus as just a regular guy, because he was so much more than some spiritual feller with a beard reshaping the Hebrew religion.

In Emily Dickinson’s poem Tell all the truth but tell it slant speaking cryptically is the way to tell the truth. She likens the truth to lightning which is fast, bright, and powerful, but is seldom gathered in. People are startled by it, caught off guard, and occasionally crushed by its fury. This is why we soften the blow of the truth. We teach children the glories of ethics and morality in fairy tales and fables because they make the truth more palatable, they slow and dim the lightning so everyone can take a good long look at the truth. “The truth must dazzle gradually, or every man be blind.” This is precisely how Jesus spoke.

Peterson’s Tell it Slant explains how Jesus’ speech was so wonderfully different from what one might expect. His ability to teach meant he was welcome in the synagogues and the temple, but he didn’t talk like the other teachers of his day. While his colleagues constantly sourced their material in a flood of verbal citations to establish authority, Jesus spoke authoritatively. Like those first papers written freshman year, full of fire but lacking footnotes, Jesus spoke the truth and the people listened.

Stories are a language all their own. It was in this language Jesus did much of his teaching. So often parable favored lecture even when the people asked for a graduate course. At one point Jesus shares his motivation for teaching in this way. He does it so people can be ever hearing, but never understanding. What kind of teacher teaches that way? Jesus does.

Jesus’ style forces participation or frustration. The listener either dwells in the story with the shepherd, woman, and father seeking what is lost or they become lost themselves. Jesus invites those around him to join in celebration, but too often they are seeking something more familiar than the rejoicing of angels. They desire the esoteric and high over the common and lowly. Think about how ridiculous that would be to Jesus, who left the highest position in favor of the lowliest. Ever hearing, never understanding sums it up pretty well.

Tell it Slant is a walk through the parables of Luke and the prayers of Jesus. The walk isn’t rushed though. Like Jesus and his story telling style, Peterson slows the pace down, inviting the reader to look around and explore like when hiking. There is a destination, but it’s ancillary, the point is the journey. Out and back, out and back. Rehashing the same stories over and over, but they never become stale. They are always fresh because they are always true and we enjoy them over and over.

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Mar 2, 2016

Martin and Justin attempt to navigate the perilous world of politics and conclude it would be easier to survive on Fury Road. They both lament the options Republicans have these days and compare one candidate to Immortan Joe, the antagonist from Two Bearded Preachers’ favorite Oscar winning car chase movie, Mad Max: Fury Road! How ought a Christian behave in this complex political season? Listen and find out from follically fantastic duo.

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